Monday, 15 April 2013

Suggestions for positioning mannequins.

  • Make the mannequins look interesting. They should “mimic” the people in the street. Try to give the mannequins “feeling” as if they where in a tableau.
  • Think of the total environment of the window and display. The mannequins should blend in with the environment that you have created. 
  • Mannequins have their physical good sides, angles or positions that they are best viewed from. Consider the most attractive view of the mannequin.
  • Mix your mannequins such as a pair of male and female mannequins in the ladies area or a family of mannequins (mother, father and children) in the children’s area. This is eye catching and has an element of surprise to the shop.
  • Treat each department differently, (sports wear/sports goods women's wear, children's, men's wear) when creating displays spechily with the mannequins, if you are using them to lead in to each department
  • Rotate your mannequin groups regularly. and re-position them. If they stay in the palace customers start to look at them as store fixtures and they stop doing their job. try to this every 1 to 2 months.
  • Avoid mixing window mannequins and shop floor mannequins, as floor mannequins tend to look more tired dur to the amount of contact they have with the public

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