Escapade Windows


---Notting Hill Carnival inspired window---

---Game of Thrones ---
(August 1st)

---Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Window---
(26th of June) 
With Yesterday (Monday 26th June ) being the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book being released, It meant that a  full on window was defiantly needed.

 Spent a little time painting card with yellow, orange and brown paint, then I used 3 wooden keys as templates to draw round, and then cut out the keys. Rather then cut out the centre of the key, which would make the card less sturdy, I coloured it in with a sharpie. (no sorry Andrea Coloured them in.)
Creating the wings out of A4 white paper then drawing on some pattens to make them look a little more like dragonfly wings, these were then stapled to the stem of the key.
Each Flying Key is hung with cotton which is stuck with clear tape to the window frame.

Found out to day that the trays that we use on the gondolas fit perfectly on the grid unit in the window, witch is perfect as we can create levels and more creative displays.  

The past displays that we have had in this window the adult mannequin seemed to always ended up on the right with the child or a display on the left.
The movement of people past the shop mainly goes form the right to the left meaning that the first thing they see is the adult. if that dose not catch their attention  being it is something that they don't like or is bland, or badly displayed, the rest of the window display is lost to them (and potential customers).
placing the child to the right allows passers by to see the whole display leading them to the door (and hopefully to potential customers and sales).


---Halloween Window 2016---
Gone a little simple this year with this Halloween window at Escapade Fancy Dress, slightly child like with pumpkins and ghouls.
I am liking how the cauldron tuned out.

---Carnival Window---
(15th August)
With Notting Hill Carnival at the end of the month thought we needed a fiesta in the window.

---Star Wars windows.---
(7th July)
With the London Star Wars celebration coming up, and Escapade Fancy dress having a booth at the event we thought it was appropriate to make the event with a window.

---Party Window.---
(22nd May)
With the new party section in the store, its time to show of some of the products in the window.

---Superman Vs Batman---
(March 29th)

---Easter Window---
(March 2016)

---World Book Day---
(February 16th)

---Grate Gatsby inspired wall.---

With the release of the DeadPool film It seamed only right that he joined book day with the Mad Hatter as the Queen of Hearts. 

---My Punk Valentine---
(February 4th)
With Camden celebrating 40 years of Punk in London I decided



(October 13th)
With Halloween raperly approaching time for the halloween window, a little late then last year.
this year its creepy cobwebs zombies and bloody hand prints.

The banner we painted over the words to make them stand out more

Empty and ready for dressing.


---Wizard of Oz---
(June 29th)

---July 4th window---
(June 22nd)

(June 7th)


---Morphsuit Window---
(May 31st)
(The Raver scared Maleficent who than flow in to the wall) 

---Life sentence stripy window.---
(May 18th)

(May 13th)
With the Rugby 7s on the 16th and 17th of May and its theme being space, as well as the MCM London Comic Con on the 23rd and 24th Doctor Who seamed like the best option, with hanging planets.

---May The Fourth Be With You---
(28th April)


---Avengers Window---
(Apirl 23rd.) 
The premier of the film was on the 21st should have been ready for that.

---St. George's day---
(20th April 23rd April)

---Welcome To Gotham City---
(April 5th 2015)

---Fraggle Rock.---
(March 30th)
Fraggle Rock Easter egg hunt. just in time for Easter.

(March 18th 2015)
Needed something bright and summery but its a little early for easter. So on walking through the shop I found four of the Fraggle Rock costumes. We have had then sitting around for years and we have not sold one years. Then I realised that my random doodles would look quite good with costumes.

The doodles.

For Full Post see: Fraggle Rock Window

---St. Patric's Day---
(March 14th)
Green and gold for St Patric's day.

---Red Nose Day---
(March 9th)
Celebrating Comic Relief

With Comic Relief have a theme of 'fanny faces', the window cabinet is full of things to help you raise money.

---Venetian carnival---
(January 16th 2015)
Venetian carnival inspired window using hire costumes and the lovely range of imported masks from venice. 
The window is partly decided into three by the colours used in each, The couple on the left in the Gold and red the couple on the right in blue and gold, (the mans outfit dose also have silver with in it) and the cabinet with the masks with its dominant colours being Black, Purple Gold and Red.

Escapade 2014

Christmas window 
Making it snow for Jack. 

The finished windows for halloween
(Painted 6th and 7th October '14)

Tim Burton's Jack skeleton inspired window, complete with cob web corners, and blood dripping form the social network addresses.

Halloween windows 2014
work in progress.
(Posted 7th October)
More work needs to be done. Bats, lighting, Sky and Black cat and pumpkin to be added.
A little proud Black cat and her pumpkin, sitting in the centre of the window between to tomb stones.

Tim Burton's Jack skeleton inspired window, complete with cob web corners, and blood dripping form the social network addresses.

---Desert Island Disco--- September 26th
With the Isle of White Bestival Festival just around the corner. its theme for 2014 is desert Island Disco.
so in the spirit of festival fancy dress, above is my inspired window.

---Peace and love window.---

---St. Patricks Day window ---

---'The Muppet's Most wanted'---
Inspired by 'The Muppet's Most wanted' film release

---Valentines day---


---Escapade 2013---

---Christmas--- (November)

(September 2013)

Bestival window. with the bestival Festival' theme being 'nautical' I decided to to go with the idea for our own window. inspiring festival go's on some ideas of costumes. 

(August 2013)

---Noting hill carnival ---

(July 2013)


(January 2012)


(1st November)

(23rd August)

(10th August)
(June 2nd)

---April 2012---

(22nd April)

(30th April)
Hawaiian window was the first window that I created for Escapade fancy dress.

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