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  Welcome to my design page. 
Here you can find drawings and photos of my design.

These are all my original designs. Do not produce or reproduce with out permission.

Posted August 14th 2015
MidSummer Dream.
(original designed December 2014)

Posted April 27th 2015
MidSummer Dream.
(original designed December 2014)
The two over sized toad stalls with their red and white tops, will sit in front of a large graphic  with a fort scene  on the top of the left one a female mannequin , beneath a male  and a female under the right one.
A slight fairytale look with the mannequins wearing wings.

Posted 7th November 2014
Tropical. I.
(Original designed in 2012.)
A tropical  jungle theme with decals on the window, the back and the side walls to be painted   with jungle mountains and blue sky. The rocks serve the per pose of displaying shoes, bags, beach towels and other accessories. 

Tropical. II.
(Original designed in 2012.)
This is designed for a summer theme. With the set of palm trees on the right to be at the front agaist the wind and the ones on the left to be at the back.
Preferable these palm trees would be artificial. but now looking at the design they may be best produced as a window decal and wall graphic. The back wall would be painted alight blue and the ground painted a sand colour or laid with sand.

I started to play around with the colour of the palm trees to see what colour and effect might look the best.

Your standard palm trees of green and brown. 

This was created by lacing drops of, pink and two shades of purple on to and around the palm tress.
With this concept the walls and floor would have a similar paint effect but with blues and turquoise. 

Here the palm tress would be in black and grey and the back ground would be in light shades of blue and turquoise. 

With all three of these colour themes the colour of the clothing and accessories would have to be a bright colour are or patten to stand out.

Posted August 22nd 2014 
Crystal Hang Designs
Two layers of coloured crystal beads in circling a mannequin group. Twisting in the same direction  
window or in-store display

Two layers of coloured crystal beads in circling a mannequin group. Twisting in opposite direction.
window or in-store display
Two layers of coloured crystal beads in circling a mannequin group. Twisting in opposite direction. Hang above the mannequins but low enough to cover the faces
window or in-store display.
More suitable for an in store display as it does not reach the floor and is less likely to be damaged or a risk to customers.

Final Cut

Perfect for an open window as it will let light in to the shop and sill allow the customers to see in and out of the store. Decals of film cells over the window, no image in each cell.

Negative Photos

Designed for a closed window.
On the back wall Black and White photo negatives -As you see them on the negative strip.
or colour negatives -As you see them on the negative strip.

each photo is of landscapes, cars/camper vans, flowers.
Side walls, floor and ceiling gray.
Back wall white, giving the impression of a light box.

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