Thursday, 20 November 2014

H&M. Brent Cross Shopping Center.

This has got to be the best H&M that i have visited so far. 
It is over Two floors with ladies fashions on level two and mens at the back of level One with Ladies at the front of the floor. 
Children's has its own shop all to its self in the shopping centre.
It is the most easiest to shop, with well placed fixtures, tables and mannequin groups, allowing plenty of room to move around and the fixtures are not over stocked, allowing customers to easily search the products.
The only thing missing are signs to direct you to the escalators as they are sightly hidden on either side of the floor (one on the right going down and the one on the left up.) The walls have back and white images on them, what would look good here is a neon arrow on the first floor pointing down and one on the ground pointing up.
The mens wear section is very small in this store which is a shame.

It is a bit of a tradition to put mens wear on the first floor or at the back of the store but it would be good to see a change and have it at the front, especially if your store is in a shopping centre and has an entrance on two floors, a catchy look if you do one half mens and the other half ladies. leading in with mans suits and ladies party dress, a centre mannequin group. in the summer, summer wear. 
This i think would give a different look to other stores.

Store Vistited 10th November 2014

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