Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Harry Potter Window

With Yesterday (Monday 26th June ) being the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book being released, It meant that a  full on window was defiantly needed.

Spent a little time painting card with yellow, orange and brown paint, then I used 3 wooden keys as templates to draw round, and then cut out the keys. Rather then cut out the centre of the key, which would make the card less sturdy, I coloured it in with a sharpie. (no sorry Andrea Coloured them in.)
Creating the wings out of A4 white paper then drawing on some pattens to make them look a little more like dragonfly wings, these were then stapled to the stem of the key.
Each Flying Key is hung with cotton which is stuck with clear tape to the window frame.

Found out to day that the trays that we use on the gondolas fit perfectly on the grid unit in the window, witch is perfect as we can create levels and more creative displays. 

The past displays that we have had in this window the adult mannequin seemed to always ended up on the right with the child or a display on the left.
The movement of people past the shop mainly goes form the right to the left meaning that the first thing they see is the adult. if that dose not catch their attention  being it is something that they don't like or is bland, or badly displayed, the rest of the window display is lost to them (and potential customers).
placing the child to the right allows passers by to see the whole display leading them to the door (and hopefully to potential customers and sales).

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Card being prepped for making keys. Looks like a piece of my abstract art.

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