Saturday, 17 December 2016

Before And After: Wall Merchandising.

 The above photo is of the accessory and hat wall on the mezzanine, before a re-merch'.
and the below photo is of after. 
Moving the self half way up the wall serves two purposes. The first is that the merchandise is now at eye hight for costumers to see rather then being hidden at the bottom, where they have been hidden. 
Placing the large witches hats at the top makes better use of the high wall. Rather then merchandising the smaller items at the top where costumers are unable to reach and see properly.
The second purpose is that the slat wall is broken at this point meaning that we can not put arms at this level without damaging the above slat and stock fulling off the arms, making the best of broken fixtures.
On high walls like this rather then merchandising small items at the top and larger at the bottom, try merchandising large items at the to smaller in the middle and large/medium at the bottom.

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