Monday, 8 September 2014

Visual Display Creation: Paper Crafting.

Paper craft is a grate way of creating cheap eco friendly props and decorating any window or display. Creating hanging, sitting or wall art can lift your window reinforcing the theme, season or event.
When using any of these techniques make sure you take in to consideration:
  • The colours that you are going to be using, try to stick to 2 or 3 colours.
  • Look at the size of the space you are working with so you don’t create something to big that swamps the display and over powering drawing the customers attention away from the product . Or something that is to small an is lost by viewer.
  • The placement of your  paper craft, you don’t want it blocking any of the merchandise, signage or mannequin.
  • Appropriate for the window. You don’t want something that looks Christmassy up in a summer window.
This is a great technique to use over the Christmas period, Valentines day, and mother and fathers day.
You cant go wrong with some neatly wrapper presents under a tree.
Make sure wrap them neatly, try to use double sided tape rather then clear tape, or you could even use some colour tape, (just remember not to over do it with colour.)
A tradition look of brown paper and sting can look effective if you are using a lot of colour and or patens. If you do use brown paper your best using double sided tap.

Paper weaving:
Some thing we can always remember doing at school as kids. Using this technique you can create so much, from baskets, hearts, tapestries’ and abstract back drops and decals. 
Created by using thinly twisted paper.
You could even use it to create wrapped props.
Paper woven basket in the making. or even a pineapple.
Paper beads:
Paper beads can be used to create garlands, for any occasion, Christmas, summer party, Halloween.
Best way to create them is by cut a long triangle out of paper, then rolling it base to tip then sticking it. Making sure to leave space in the centre for it to be threaded on to string.
Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)
Found At
Paper Mache:
How to make it:
3/4 glue 1/4 water.
Tear strips of paper.
Only do 4 layers.
Make sure the top layer is white.
And get creative.

Using balloons you can create eggs for Easter, gold eggs for a jack and the Beenstork theme window.
Covering one end you can create brows and has.
Paint your eye brows with vanillin and you can create masks, making sure to leave space to breath though your nose and or mouth. 

The art of flooding paper to create an object of figure.
There are loads of books on this and even web sights and you tube videos.

A few years ago I created a May the 4th window making a fleat of Tie Fighters to hang in the window, along with the Star Wars characters.

Paper Quilling: 
This is where you create an image by rolling and shaping strips of paper.

Silhouette Cutting:
This works well if you want to a dramatic look buy adding the shadow of the mannequin and or props especially if you want to suggest that they are looking towards and sunrise/sunset or even creating a stand alone shadow of like peter pans lost shadow 

Paper collage:
These are best created to use as a back drop. Weather it be a collection of changing colour like the colour wheel. Or light blue fading in to dark blue. Or even the recreation of a piece of art or a new piece.
This is also a good technique to use to cover a mannequin to give it a new look.
Or  even a prop such as a hat stand, table, chair, the options are end less.

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