Monday, 9 June 2014

Debenhams Oxford Street.

I don’t normal go in to Debenhams, - the only reason I do is to get my watch fixed.
Last year I made a trip there for that reason and again to purchase a suit for my partner. On both visits the place was under going building work. The central escalators were surrounded by scaffold and tarpaulin, the child in wanting so much to climb to the top floor.
Even though there was not any work going on during opening hours and the place was almost always clean and well presented as best as it could be, it was extremely dull and gloomy.

Going in there last week and seeing it finally completed was wonderful. The store looked immaculate. Bright, spacechise and all round good looking.
(I was frowned at for taking some photos of the place so I had to grab some from

Like 99% of Debenhams stores that I have go into the first department that you walk through is cosmetics and perfume. Biggest hate here is not the lay out nor the look, it is the girls that line the walk way trying to get you to try and buy, so you find your self walking quick, and head down no eye contact, witch is a shame as you don’t get to really appreciate the area.
Once your in to the fashion departments of the store, it is a pleasure to browse and shop.
If you never have been to the store, the main sales floors are centered around the escalators, each floor has a glass surround so from each floor you can see across to the other side and up and down to the next.
Around the edge there has been placed all types of displays involving mannequins, beach huts and room sets, they have used minimal products which keeps the look neat and clean.
Sitting in the café on the seconded floor with a cup of tea looking out in to the store. The first impression is that you are looking out in to a high end shopping center, with the white and grey colour scheme, each brand with its own colour logo and lettering stand out on there own.

Going in to a flagship store, especially on oxford street can fill your imagination with ideas for your store, weather it’s the company you work for or the competitor I find it education and rewarding. The only down side is, that if your store is the poor cousin in the company, it can be a little disheartening.
But you have to remember even a bad penny can be made to shine, with a little bet of imagination.
(visit June 4th)

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