Monday, 15 April 2013

sight lines and focal points.

Sight lines are located at the natural point that your eyes are drown to as you navigate the shop.
so the majority are at the ends of walk ways or positioned to catch your eye as you walk around the store.
these sight lines should apply both as you are entering the store and leaving. therefore keeping customers.  interested throughout their shopping experience.

At the end of these sight lines are focal points which should be used to the entice the customer around the store.
Focal points should show the most enticing products with a strong visual interest. Or offers to attract customers. This may mean you might have to adjust your merchandise lay out.

Visual display focal points are often commonly viewed in the round and not necessarily  just from the front. So balance in these areas is required from all angles

Lighting should never be forgotten, remember that where the light is focused, the eye will typically be drawn to.

Sight lines and focal points.

Sight lines and focal points.

focal points/hot spots.

Sight lines.

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