Monday, 15 April 2013

Laying out the sales floor

A key to laying out a sales floor is the positioning of products. Visual merchandisers will often divide up the sales floor in to four areas which can be defined by colours: Platinum, Gold, silver and Bronze.  Some retailers may instead numbers.

Platinum: Is the first area of the store, right in front of the entrance.
Low priced, sale, promotional items or high fashion items are best placed here. This is because this area will always  attract more customers and more sales

Bronze: this is the area at the back of the store and will draw fewer customers due to the distance from the main doors. Therefore it is the best place for a stable or a desirable product or brand, there for to encourage  customer flow through the store.

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  1. This zones are desired with the displays keeping in mind the different merchandising varieties you have for the procurement. This cant be done for a specialty store with one identical product