Saturday, 30 March 2013


There are two styles of groupings commonly used: Pyramid and Repetition.

Pyramid: This it the most commonly practiced technique. It is where props and products are placed to create a pyramid.
This is an example of a pyramid grouping. the focal point is at the left hand side of  the second largest box.

The focal point is the head of the center mannequin.

Repetition: this may sound straight forward and simple, but it is easy to lose the focal point. A line of three mannequins may not have an obvious focal point, but with the use of a bright jacket on the center mannequin may be enough. Using materials of the same product will create a stronger statement.
it is harder to find the focal point in a repetition grouping. the three different staggered block heights in this display means that it naturally falls off the center of the left-hand  side of the medium size blocks.

Six mannequins split in to two groups with three at the back and three at the front. depending on weather you stand on the left or the right of the window, the focal point can change.
From the left it will fall on the third from the left on the front row. This is because the second row will be hidden by the first.
From the right the focal point would be on the third  from the right  on the back row.
both of these focal points need to be planed for when dressing the window.

Both groupings used together can look messy and with no main focal point

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