Thursday, 7 April 2016

Kikki K Covent Garden Royal Opera House Arcade.

Kikki K is a Swedish company producing beautiful notebooks, planers and stationary.
Back in November that opened their first pop up shop in London in Covent Garden on the Royal Opera House Arcade. Being a crazed stationary lover I just had to pop in and see what goodies they have.

Photo By Sarah Jane Patel from
The shop is beautiful. the window display is minimal with with white display boxes with products on them and a large white lit signing one reading 
“HEJ LONDON LOVELY TO MEET YOU” (Hej is Swedish for hello).

The inside is spacious and bright. nearly all of there products are pastel colours in pink,  blue, yellow, and gold.  In the centre that have a large display table with a display hanging paper display. with small units set around with books displayed on top and shelves below displaying books ready to buy. The units a set at lest 6 feet away from the door, allowing you see all the shop. there is no fear of knocking anything of the units  when mocking around as there is good spacing.

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The walls on either side are divided in to bays (or wardrobes,) each house a different colour range  of products . I the centre of each wall is a small desk, Laid out with a computer and products, inspiring any one how theme and coordinate their work space. you find one of each book front facing on the self and behind a small stack of merchandise. Having the books all front facing prevents the shelfs looking like a book shop, and full.

It dose seam that there is to little stock for a shopping unit of this size. It is almost as Kikki K and Paprerchase (which is next door but one) should swap as Paperchase has a small store. 
If this was one of those designer boutiques which has two hanging rails with half-a-dozon items on then that would be a waist of space.
But for this type of products It works well, almost creating a dream office feel to the shop.

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